[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]
[Draceana Angazi - supersized]

Angazi [Draceana Angazi - supersized]

Draceana hybrid

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This stunning sculptural specimen will blow you away. It has taken centre stage in our office and we can't stop admiring its raw beauty. It's a living a work of art deserving of a grand entrance-way or feature plant in the home or office where it can be admired. 

Draceanas tolerate medium light conditions and little watering - all the while being one of the best air-purifying plants according to NASA! 

Available Gauteng only.

Comes in a 43cm grow pot.

Height of plant: approx 2m from the ground.

Width at widest point: approx 84cm

Decorative pot sold separately. we don't currently stock decorative pots to fit this size, but we can easily order one for you upon request. Just pop us a mail.

Flat shipping rates apply per order (add more plants & pay the same on shipping). Gauteng R79, Western Cape R89. Rest of South Africa R119 (Except Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape R149).

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Caring for Angazi


Adaptable to low light situations. Also happy in brighter light, as long as its not direct.

Water & humidity

Water weekly to every second week in winter. Do not overwater this plant, it needs the soil to dry at least 50% of the way down before watering again. Dragon Plants originate from hot dry regions and store water in their thick trunks.


Feed every 1-2 months in summer.


Only re-pot once every 1-2 years if necessary to one size up. They like to be root bound. Regular potting soil mixed with with cactus/succulent mix will work best.

Atrium Top Tip

Draceanas are NASA approved Clean Air Plant, removing formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. - chemicals linked with several health problems. Regularly wipe the dust off both the upper surfaces and undersides of the leaves with a damp cloth to allow the plant to exchange air freely.

Quirky plant fact

Some Dragon Tree varieties can grow 100 feet tall in the wild, and are commonly found in dry, hot climates across Africa and South America.