RAPUNZEL [Hoya carnossa variegated; Wax Plant]

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Rock bad hair days

Let Rapunzel's lime green locks cascade over a hanging basket or tall planter. The Hoya carnossa or Wax Plant, is an easy fuss-free plant, needs little water and is a fast grower. You'll just love watching its tendrils unfold. Rapunzel produces little ball-shaped clusters of flowers that are light or dark pink, but sometimes white. Hanging pot width: 16cm

Caring for Rapunzel


Bright filtered light through an east facing window, a little direct morning sun is beneficial for flowering.

Water & humidity

Hoya's aren't technically succulents, but are succulent-like with their thick fleshy leaves that store water. They therefore hate having wet feet and like to dry out between watering. Water 1 - 2 times per week in summer and let the soil dry out completely between watering in winter. If the leaves start puckering then it's time to water. Hoyas adapt well to normal household humidity.


Hoya's are not heavy feeders. Fertilise twice in summer with organic fertiliser. Cut down if you want to reduce growth rate.


Only re-pot if necessary. Hoya's like to be root bound. Use a well draining indoor potting mix with added perlite and peat moss (or just add Hemp Super Soil) and half succulent mix. 

Atrium Top Tip

Hoya's only bloom when the plant is 3 + years old. It will need bright light and even a little sun. Try not to disturb the roots or move it around too much.

Quirky plant fact

Hoyas are native to southern India, but can be found growing wild all over southeastern Asia and Australia.

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