[Hoya carnosa 'tricolour']
[Hoya carnosa 'tricolour']
[Hoya carnosa 'tricolour']
[Hoya carnosa 'tricolour']

RAPUNZEL [Hoya carnosa 'tricolour']

Hoya carnossa variegata

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Rock bad hair days

Let Rapunzel's multicoloured locks cascade over a hanging basket or tall planter. The Hoya carnosa or Wax Plant 'Tricolour' has stunning cream variegation, with touches of pink. Please note, some plants have more pink hues than others and may not have lots of pink leaves upon arrival, but the pink develops over time. Exposing it to more light will bring out the colours.

It's is an easy fuss-free plant, needs little water and is a fast grower. You'll just love watching its tendrils unfold. Rapunzel produces little ball-shaped clusters of flowers that are light or dark pink, but sometimes white. 

Comes in a 16cm hanging pot. Decorative pot sold separately.

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