HOYA HEART [Hoya kerri; Sweetheart Wax Plant]

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What a sweetheart...

The Hoya Heart or Hoya kerri is cute as can be! Not only that, it's an easy plant to care for, needing little water and tolerating medium light conditions. Your heart will swell as you watch this guy grow. 

Comes in a 10cm plastic nursery pot. Available with or without ceramic planter.

Caring for your Hoya Heart


Bright light, it can tolerate medium light, but will grow faster when placed by a window with morning light

Water & humidity

Water 1 - 2 times per week. Hoya kerri does not like to be overwatered. Let the soil dry out before watering again. It stores water in its fleshy, succulent-like leaves, so you'll be forgiven if you forget a watering or two. If the leaves start puckering then it's time to water. 


Hoya kerri is not a heavy feeder. Feed twice in summer with organic fertiliser. Cut down if you want to reduce growth rate


Only re-pot if necessary. Hoya's like to be root bound and hate wet feet, they can be in the same pot for 1-2 yrs. If refreshing the soil, use a well draining indoor potting soil mixed with succulent mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Hoya's only bloom when the plant is 3 + years old. It will need bright light and even a little sun. Try not to disturb the roots or move it around too much.

Quirky plant fact

Hoyas are native to southern India, but can be found growing wild all over southeastern Asia and Australia.

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