[Kangaroo fern; Microsorum diversifolium] KANGA

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The Kangaroo Fern (you guessed it) comes from Australia, where it grows on rocky outcrops around the Canberra region. Therefore its pretty tough for a fern and will tolerate a little neglect and doesn't demand constant moisture or high humidity. Give it a little extra care and you'll be rewarded with a bursting bouquet of splendid emerald leaves, making it a perfect hanging plant. 

Comes in a 16cm plastic grow pot. Decorative planter sold separately. 


Caring for Kanga


Kanga does well in bright light and doesn't mind tanning in a little morning sun.

Water & humidity

Water 1-2 times a week. Like all ferns, Kanga likes slightly moist soil, but doesn't need as much watering as other ferns.  If his leaves start drooping its a sign he's thirsty. He will benefit from misting, but won't throw a tantrum if humidity levels drop. 


Monthly with one sachet of Canola Meal organic fertiliser


The Kangaroo Fern is an epiphyte (derives moisture and nutrients from the air), which means it doesn't need to be re-potted all that often. If you do, make sure you mix regular potting soil with a friable orchid mix, or half potting mix half peat moss..

Atrium Top Tip

When watering, try not to pour water in the middle rhizome (heart) of the plant - it looks like a furry brown root above the soil - as this can cause water to get caught at the bases of the leaves, resulting in rot.

Quirky plant fact

The Kangaroo Fern got its name from its furry rhizomes, which spread across the ground and grow up trees.

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