Tasneem [Medinilla]

Medinilla magnifica


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This stunner, native to the mountains of southeast Asia is also known as the Malaysian orchid or Pink Lantern. It's an epiphytic plant, commonly found growing upright in the forks of trees. However, unlike other air plants, it doesn't absorb atmospheric moisture via its aerial roots, instead it has large succulent-like leaves that store water. In summer the plant is covered by drooping clusters of delicate pink flowers that look somewhat like grapes or wisteria flowers.

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Caring for Tasneem


Medinillas need bright light to bloom and are best placed by a sunny window. They can also take some direct sun outdoors, but keep away from harsh afternoon rays. They like to be kept warm (at least above 10 degrees Celcius in winter).

Water & humidity

The trick is to let the soil dry between watering, but keep moisture in the air high. Being an epiphtye, Medinillas are used to not having their roots constantly submereged in wet soil. But their forest environment is naturally humid. In winter you may have to place the plant near a humidifier.


Medinillas respond well to orchid fertiliser. After flowering you can also feed with a balanced organic fertiliser righ in nitrogen & phosphorous.


Re-pot if necessary after the flowering season. Use a mix of 1/2 potting soil rich in organic matter and 1/2 orchid mix, with a handful of added peat moss if your plants tend to dry out quickly. Our Hemp Super Soil will also work well mixed with orchid mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Keeping humidity levels above 60% is key, as well as adequate light. Medinillas like slightly acidic soil. Mulch with bark chips or pine needles to increase acidity.

Quirky plant fact

Medinillas can grow 3 - 4 feet tall in the wild. If grown outdoors their flowers will attract birds, bees and butterflies. In southeast Asia, Medinillas are believed to symbolise fertility.