MONTY [Monstera deliciosa Delicious Monster, Swiss Cheese Plant]

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There's a monster in my living room!

Hailing from the tropical forests of southern Mexico to Panama, the Delicious Monster is the hottest plant of the season! With its large jungle-like foliage and easy going nature it's no surprise everyone wants one. Give it plenty of room to grow, there's a reason it was named 'monstera'. 

Plant comes in a 19cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately

Caring for Monty


Medium to bright filtered light

Water & humidity

Weekly for larger pots. Smaller pots dry out quicker, so give our 15cm Monty more H20. Wait until the soil has dried out before watering again. When watering ensure the water runs out the bottom of the grow pot, this means the root ball is getting adequately wet. It doesn't mind average humidity, but don't let it get very dry ie: avoid heaters and a/c vents!


Yep, the Delicious Monster is a hungry little beast. Feed monthly with our organic sachets for lush new growth.


Young plants will probably need to be re-potted shortly after purchase. Only re-pot to one size up using a friable well-draining potting mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Clean its leaves regularly with a damp cloth to keep up the dazzling display

Quirky plant fact

The Delicious Monster can occasionally produce edible fruit! It's meant to taste like a (delicious) cross between banana and pineapple. Its roots can be mildly toxic if large quantities are ingested. 

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