[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]
[Natal Mahogany]

Natalie [Natal Mahogany]

Trichilia emetica

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Found naturally in South Africa's riverine bush forests, the Natal Mahogany is a great choice for medium to low light. Its dark foliage and delicate pinnate leaves lend a soft 'forest' feeling to a space. However, this is not a plant that tolerates drying out and is perfect for a doting owner who is prone to overwatering their plants.

Available in a 25cm grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately

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Caring for Natalie


The Natal Mahogany enjoys medium filtered light. Too much sun will cause it to dry out faster, and too little light will lead to a weak twiggy plant as opposed to a lush full one. It is able to adapt to office environments with flourescent lighting as long as their is some natural light as well.

Water & humidity

These plants love water and are thirsty. Don't let them dry out too much, the soil should remain moist with just the top layer drying out. Yellowing leaves that fall off are a sign its not getting enough water.


Feed monthly in spring through summer with a balanced organic fertiliser rich in Nitrogen and phosphorous.


You can re-pot every 18 months or so. Normal indoor potting soil will do, you can add peat to retain moisture, or mix in some of our Hemp Super Soil.

Atrium Top Tip

Prune well in Spring to keep it looking full and bushy. By cutting the tips off the tallest stems, it will encourage the plant to grow outward rather than up. Prune off any weak, thin or sticky branches to encourage lush strong growth.

Quirky plant fact

Natal Mahoganies can grow 25m tall in the wild and the wood is popular for ornamental carvings. Oil is extracted from the seeds by boiling them & skimming the oil off the surface, which is used traditonally to moistourise skin. There is a current movement to replace palm oil with the oil from the Mahogany seeds as its much more sustainable to harvest.