PHOEBE LARGE [Heart Leaf Philodendron]

Philodendron scandens;

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Our large Phoebe is undoubtedly a showstopper. With her emerald green tresses spiraling upward she sure turns heads. Also known as the 'sweetheart' plant, the Heart Leaf Philodendron is a NASA approved air-purifying plant. Not only a pretty face!  

Comes in a 30cm grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately.
Available Gauteng only.
As sweet as she looks, Phoebe can be harmful to animals & small children if ingested in large quantities.

Caring for Phoebe


Phoebe can adapt to most light situations except direct sunlight. If she's in too dark a spot her leaves will loose their vibrant colour.

Water & humidity

Originating from the Caribbean, Phoebe likes humid tropical conditions best, but adapts well to normal room hunidity. Water 1-2 time a week to keep the soil slightly moist, but never soggy. In winter allow the top 3cm of soil to dry between waterings.


Phoebe is a fast grower and should be fed monthly with organic fertiliser. Don't feed in winter.


When her roots start pushing above the pot or pushing through the drainage holes it's time to consider re-potting. She likes well draining potting soil mixed with 1/4 succulent mix and added sphagnum peat moss.

Atrium Top Tip

Yellow looking leaves could indicate over-watering. Brown leaves signal under-watering. Phoebe is easy to propagate (make babies). Just cut off a strong looking stem and pop into water. A rooting hormone can increase chances of success, but is not usually necessary.

Quirky plant fact

The word Philodendron literally means 'love tree' in Greek.

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