[Tillandsia; Air Plant] Tina

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Free from the restraints of roots and soil, these quirky plants are almost like pets, with their part plant, part creature personality. What's more, they've been scientifically found to remove harmful elements including mercury from the air. This particular variety is rather large with boisterous almost spiky greyish leaves. 

Approx dimensions: 28cm long x 25cm wide

Caring for Tina


Medium to bright light. Tina loves sunning herself in the morning

Water & humidity

Soak in a bowl of water once a week for 10-20 minutes. Tillandsias likes it dirty and absorb nutrients when they're bathed in water from lakes, ponds, bird baths and Jo Jo tanks. In fact if you give them something as pure as distilled or filtered water they could die. 


Dirty water


No ways - Tillandsias are free spirits and hate being tied down. They don't need soil - they absorb nutrients from the air through microscopic pores on their leaves.

Atrium Top Tip

Tina will chill pretty much anywhere, even outdoors in the trees or as a table decoration. Air plants with fuzzy silvery leaves like this one, are xeric types that come from dry climates. They're able to collect and store ample water and don’t mind direct sun.

Quirky Plant Fact

Gold miners used to use Tillandsia usneoides as a sentinel species to detect and absorb mercury from the air. Considering they absorb and store airborne particles, they are still used today to monitor urban and industrial pollution

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