Pocahontas [Asparagus Fern]

Plumosa asparagus

R 99.00

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Own a living piece of elegance with this fern's lacy arching fronds. Pocahontas is surprisingly tougher than she looks, just like her name's sake. She adapts to a variety of conditions from sun to shade, and is pretty water-wise when established. Pair her with bold-leafed plants for an eye-catching collection. 

Size of grow pot 12cm. Decorative pot not included.

Caring for Pocahontas


Medium to bright.

Water & humidity

Asparagus ferns are pretty water-wise when established and can be found growing in gardens in full sun. But because Pocahontas lives in a small pot she will need watering at least twice a week. Pocahontas loves showering in fresh mountain streams and will enjoy a good misting every couple of days. 


Feed once in summer with 1-2 sachets of organic Canola Meal.


If you'd like it to grow into a bigger specimen, re-pot in spring with a well-draining potting mix. A bigger pot will also hold more moisture so you can water it less.

Atrium Top Tip

Plant the red berries in moist seedling mix and watch your baby asparagus ferns grow.

Quirky plant fact

Indigenous to South Africa. Successfully grows outdoors where she can spread rapidly.  If grown outdoors it produces red berries that can be toxic to children & pets.  

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