[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']
[Pothos Satin 'Splash']

PREYA [Pothos Satin 'Splash']

Scindapsus Pictus

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Preya is one of the most beautiful houseplants around with her cascading heart shaped leaves, flecked with silver.  The 'Satin Splash' has larger leaves than the normal Satin Pothos, with a metallic shine. This is a result of blister or reflective variegation where tiny air pockets form between the pigmented lower and un-pigmented upper layers of the leaves. When light hits these transparent pockets, it's reflected, causing the leaves to have a silvery appearance. 

The Pothos is a NASA approved air-purifying plant.

Comes in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately.

*The Pothos can be mildly toxic to pets & small children if ingested. Tip, keep out of reach on a high shelf.

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Caring for Preya


Preya enjoys medium to bright light best, but can tolerate low-light. Light that's too bright will scorch leaves. Too little light and the plant will get leggy (sticky) with fewer leaves growing on the vines. An east-facing window is ideal.

Water & humidity

Let the top layer of soil dry out between watering, keeping the soil slightly moist, but never consistently soggy. It will tell you when it needs water when the leaves start to droop. Preya likes average humidity & may need misting in drier months (Gauteng winters).


The Pothos is not a heavy feeder, but will enjoy a monthly snack on Canola Meal fertiliser.


Preya may need re-potting every year. When the leaves droop no matter how often you water, the roots have probably filled the pot. Choose a container only 1-2 sizes larger and use fresh potting soil. 

Atrium Top Tip

Pothos problems usually show in its leaves. Brown leaf tips are caused by dry air. Yellow leaves are a symptom of too much water.

Quirky plant fact

The Pothos removes formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene from the air. The plant originates from Southeast Asia