SPIKE [Draceana marginata tri-colour; Dragon plant]

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Spike belongs to the Dragon Plant (Draceana) family, of which some plants produce a blood-red resin, hence the name 'Dragon Blood Tree'. We love Spike's almost luminous lime green leaves edged in pink. He's not only a looker, but you really don't have to fuss over him at all. Draceanas tolerate poor light conditions and little watering - all the while being air-purifying machines! Available Gauteng only.

Comes in a plastic grow pot of 25cm. Height of plant: approx 1m. Decorative pot sold separately.



Caring for Spike


Adaptable to low light situations. Also happy in brighter light, as long as its not direct.

Water & humidity

Water weekly to every 10 days. Allow top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again.


Feed every 1-2 months in summer with 1 sachet of organic Canola Meal


Only re-pot once every 1-2 years if necessary to one size up. They like to be root bound. Regular potting soil mixed with with cactus/succulent mix will work best.

Atrium Top Tip

Draco is a NASA approved Clean Air Plant, removing formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. - chemicals linked with several health problems. Regularly wipe the dust off both the upper surfaces and undersides of the leaves with a damp cloth to allow the plant to exchange air freely.

Quirky plant fact

Some Dragon Tree varieties can grow 100 feet tall in the wild, and are commonly found in dry, hot climates across Africa and South America.

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